Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Day One on the Trade Show Floor at CHA Summer 2009

Today was a wild and crazy day! This show isn't nearly as large as the Anaheim show, but it is still an interesting place to be today! I'm working in the Nikki Sivils, Scrapbooker booth with Nikki, Dan, Chastity Hassel and Susan Dupre. It was a very busy day for us, lots of traffic in our booth, we were quite busy the whole day right up to the close of the show floor. Chastity and Susan were making paper cupcakes for the make-n-take and they were busy from beginning to end! We had video cameras in our booth several times today (the ones run by professionals, not us wanna-be's with hand-held cameras!) and we had all kinds of compliments from everyone! Nikki has worked hard for this show and it "showed" in how well-organized she was and how professionally she handled herself with everyone. A more gracious person you could never meet! We took more orders than I could count, and we had a lot of fun passing out the Willie-B lapel pins and catalogs. All of the samples done by the girls were phenomenal and we had many, many wonderful compliments on their work. Their art was wonderful and the displays looked so good! My husband also came down with us and today he was making the rounds scouting out all the booths. He even did a Make-N-Take over at the Spellbinders booth! Now THAT is a miracle! I can't even get him to cut paper for me at home, and there he was with a table of girls making a paper box. Ladies, as my friend Katie says, "He's a keeper!"

I'll try to get some pictures posted up from today, and from my class with Tim Holtz yesterday! You betcha, THAT was the best class I have EVER taken! I had an extra ticket, so Susan went with me and we had a blast! I have pictures from the class, and he signed my book to boot. How great is that? More later, need to stop to eat (tired of paying $5 for a cinnamon roll...). Tomorrow, I'm sending Cliff out with a camera. Be prepared for beheaded projects...