Thursday, May 5, 2011


The first thing I am going to say is that I am on narcotics for pain, so this may seem somewhat disjointed, it is hard to think straight when drugs are squirrelling with your mind! I'm going to update everyone with the latest cancer experiences, then talk about our Spring Crop-N-Shop coming up THIS Saturday (May 7), just in time for Mother's Day! [Yes, I'm nuts to go ahead with this but that's me, I can't just sit around and watch the cat hair grow...).


I'm a bit spacey at the moment, so bear with me. My surgery was scheduled for Friday, April 29th, but I had to go in on Thursday to get a shot of radioactive trackable substance in order for them to determine the closest lymph node that picks up that area so they could do a Sentinel Node Biopsy. If I thought the needle core biopsy was bad, this was worse. It felt like someone injecting hydrochloric acid into the tissue. It burned for five minutes after the shot was done. They had to keep telling me to breathe because you want to hold your breath, it hurts! My surgery was scheduled for 7:45a the next day. Of course that meant I missed most of the Royal Wedding. Sniff. I had a bilateral mastectomy and they took three lymph nodes. Pathology shows no spread, clear margins (since they took both, I would expect that), about as good of a report as you can get and have Breast Cancer! It goes to show, screening mammograms work! They told me it was the smallest cancer they have ever caught with a mammogram. Because it was microinvasive, I do have to see an oncologist, but no radiation and no chemo, but possibly Tamoxifen for the next 5 years. I spent the night at the hospital and came home the next day. I ended up back at the ER on Sunday due to a reaction to either the anesthesia or Percocet. I rashed up good, ran a bit of a fever and had partial numbness of my right foot and leg. At least I got to see the new digs at the ER. VERY NICE!

I am recovering well, in fact, I guess I am doing things that most people can't do at this stage. Since I never saw that list, I never gave it a second thought. I still have drains in, hopefully they come out the first of next week. I am sore, tired and in a bit of pain since I am not able to take the Percocet, but it is bearable and it will soon be better. They start filling the saline temporary tissue expanders the end of May. And that is what I know for now. I want to thank everyone who prayed for me, sent me well wishes, called, came by the hospital, and all the other small things that are so important at a time like this. You all are awesome!

This Saturday May 7, which is National Scrapbook Day, we are still hosting our Spring Crop-N-Shop. Diane and Janet have gone well beyond the extra mile to get everything put back together for the store and crop area. Cliff say's I'm just the talking head. :-) We will be having a sale to help reduce stock for the upcoming Summer CHA Show, demoing the StampMaker and the Viva Decor products, and of course showing all the latest Tim Holtz dies and folders. Come over and hang out with us and learn how to make your own "Prima-like" bling embellishments, make your own personalized stamps and check out our future classes. I'm still playing a little catch-up due to the cancer interruption, but we are getting back on track for some pretty fun classes. The store and crop area opens at 10a and will be available until 5p. We've got space at the tables for 12 croppers and crafters, so come on by!

Until then, Happy Crafting!