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We were supposed to do the new, FANTASTIC paper chipboard purses this week at Hobby Lobby, but due to illness, the Conquest has been laid low. I would be doing better if someone was around to give me the Heimlich maneuver every time I had to swallow the horse pill antibiotic. :-) And fix me dinner. A backrub would be nice, too. Yeah, I'm dreaming. A girl can hope...

So, here are the new dates for the Chipboard Paper purse. But before I give them to you, (does that sound like Ryan Seacrest or Survivor?), let me tell you a little bit about this particular class and how it is different than the original paper purse class that we did last fall. (Insert 10 minutes of commercials here.) Now we're back. This version has three different sizes; an 8 x 6 x 3.5 size for $12 done exclusively at Stampers Studio and Stuff on Scenic and Republic Road and the Conquest Keepsakes Studio, an 8 x 10 x 4 for $15 and a full size 9 x 12 x 4 for $20, with both purses being available at Hobby Lobby, and the Conquest Keepsakes Studio. I will be providing the chipboard, laminate, Xyron (to put paper onto chipboard), punch templates, ribbon needles and grommets. You will need to provide your papers, inside and out, 6 pieces for the large size (I used smooth cardstock on the inside of mine), ribbon or fabric strips (I can tell you more about the fabric strips and you will see it when I post pictures). I can't tell you at this very moment how much ribbon yet. I am putting together all three sizes this week and I will know more by Friday and post that information. You still need a yard of trim for the top if you are doing the large size (hopefully you can extrapolate for the smaller sizes), and you can choose to either do ribbon handles or hard handles. I am doing hard handles on all of my example purses, I might do a fourth purse in the smallest size and use ribbon handles. That's up to you and what you want to spend. For tools, you will need to bring scissors, paper trimmer, double-stick tape (Tacky Tape for trim and to tape down loose ends), brayer (rolling pin thingy we use to really press down the paper and laminate to the chipboard and paper, $9 in tools in Scrapbooking, slightly higher in the architectural art section because they are interchangable), a folding bone and a Crop-a-dile. I have a few that can be borrowed and it's first come is first served.

The purse class being done at Stampers Studio will not require you to bring paper, it will be provided. You will stamp designs on your purse and learn a few new techniques from the stamp diva herself, Kristi Van Doren. We are doing the small size only for this class due to the extra time required to stamp your masterpiece. You might want to visit the store first and talk with Kristi about the type of purse you would like so you can get a better idea of what type of ribbon and handle you will need.

There will be a 40% coupon next week at Hobby Lobby, so if you want a Crop-a-dile ($25), Brayer ($9—I use it a lot in classes), or hard handles (they're about $4 to $5), this is a great time to take advantage of those coupons. You can go to the Hobby Lobby website and print them to your heart's content. Go to both stores in one day! Rubber Stamps and Making Memories are on sale next week too. If they are out of what you want, and it is on sale, you can get a rain check and still get the sale price. Find an associate to help you do this. I don't know for sure if this would apply to a coupon you wanted to use on an out-of-stock item, but worth a try. The worst they can do is say no. I'll be sure to have them order some Crop-a-diles in.

Also, the VersaMagic Jumbo Java ink pads that I use exclusively to age my projects is now available in TWO places here in/close to town. Forever Memories in Ozark ordered some just for us (lots of begging from me involved) in two sizes, full pad size and a small size that looks like a Cat's Eye, perfect for getting into small spaces. Debbie also ordered Midnight Black, my other favorite. I'm going to purchase some to have with me for you to buy. I'm SOOO excited! Kristi also carries the FULL line of VersaMagic chalk inks, includes my two favorites, but they go fast. She also carries the VersaFine pads as well.

Now for the dates for the Paper Chipboard Purses:
Thursday, February 22, Hobby Lobby north side, 1-3:30p small, medium and large

Friday, February 23, Hobby Lobby south side, 1 to 3:30p small, medium and large

Saturday, February 24, Stampers Studio and Stuff, at Scenic and Republic Road, 10:30A, she is advertising the small size only $12, and it will be a stamped version. If you haven't been to her store, GO! She has stuff in there you will not see ANYWHERE ELSE! Plus she's funny!

Wednesday, February 28, Conquest Keepsakes Studio (my house), 2:30p, any size

Tuesday, March 6, Conquest Keepsakes Studio, 5p, any size

Recap on Cost
Small 8x6x3.5 $12
Medium 8x10x4 $15
Large (same as original in size) 9x12x4 $20

If it makes you feel better, I see the paper ones being sold on eBay for $40. Wonder what a chipboard version would go for? :-)

I am going to an every other week schedule at Hobby Lobby starting in March as I begin to ramp up my Photoshop Elements Courses. I will be offering classes paper crafting classes here at the Conquest Keepsake studio (fancy name for my house) that will not be offered at Hobby Lobby, and I am also now teaching some classes at Stampers Studio. At Stamper's Studio, we are taking some the classes I have already done and altering them for stamping and using some of the other goodies that Kristi carries that no one else does, so even if you have done a class before, what I offer at Kristi's will be a different product. You NEED to see some of her stuff. I made a polymer clay pendant last night and it was waayyyy cool.

For the rest of February, here is what I have on tap:
Monday, February 19, 6p Fantasy Box, Stamper Style $12 Stampers Studio, Scenic and Republic Road. Wait till you see what we do to this box! You can't have just one!

Tuesday, February 20, 2p Lovable You Pocket Journal, $15 Conquest Keepsakes Studio. You have to see this, it is waaayyyy cute and can be altered to use for Mother's day, Father's day, Birthdays or just any occasion where you want to show someone you love and appreciate them. I LOVE this journal and I think you will too. It has fibers, beads, stamping, and all kinds of embellishments. It is a kit class. I'll let you know later when the picture is up what tools you'll need, but count on adhesives (glue stick, glue dots, pop dots), scissors, Crop-a-dile or eyelet setter for sure.

Wednesday, February 21, 2p, 8x8 Clock with TIME FLY's theme, $15 Stampers Studio.
This version is completely stamped and uses several techniques (like Twinkling H2O's and a few surprises) not seen anywhere else. Definitely worth the dinero! Scenic and Republic Road.

February 22, 23, 24 Paper Chipboard Purses (see detail above)

Friday, February 23, 5:30p, PJ Party at Stampers Studio $17—You will not want to miss the 2nd annual PJ Party! Wear your PJ's and come and have a lot of fun and chow some Pizza! I'll be doing a Accordion Book as a part of the evening's festivities and Kristi has some other things planned as well. I hope you all like pink and cats...that's what my PJs look like.;-)

Tuesday, February 27, 1p, Lovable You Pocket Journal, Stampers Style, $15 (again, some added touches), Stampers Studio, Scenic and Republic Road.

Tuesday, February 27, 6p, Lovable You Pocket Journal, Conquest Studio, $15

Wednesday, February 28, 2:30p, Paper Chipboard Purse, Conquest Studio, all sizes $12 to $20

There will be samples on display at the south side Hobby Lobby store for the purses, pictures at the north side store and whatever Kristi lashes me into doing for Stampers Studio. :-) For sure you can see a sample of the Purses, Clock, Journal, and Fantasy Box. If you go to Kristi's web site , you can see the box she did with the Princess Mirah papers. Too CUTE!

I look forward to hearing from you! Call if you have questions or want to sign up for any of these classes. 350-4569, or email at I'll get pictures up as soon as I can. Both the Chipboard purses and the Lovable You Journals also have dates in March.

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