Thursday, December 2, 2010


Last Saturday's sale was AWESOME! Even though it's a lot of work to get everything tagged and arranged, it is always SO worth the effort! I enjoy nothing better than enabling my friends to get crafty with me, and particularly, giving them a good reason to be excited about crafting. And what could be more exciting than showing off Tim Holtz's Vagabond machine for die cutting and embossing?! NOTHING! :-)

Well, maybe inviting my friends over to do Tim's 12 Tags of Christmas, THAT is exciting in and of itself. If you don't know what the 12 Tags of Christmas are all about, click this link to go to Tim's blog and read all about it and find yourself caught up in the urge to be creative with what you have on hand! (I can see that every sentence I write tonight is going to end up being punctuated with exclamation points.) How else do you get across how fun it is taking something as simple as a #8 manila shipping tag and turning it into your own piece of artful Christmas cheer? The past couple of nights, I've been up when Tim has posted his tag for the day, even though I am supposed to be conducting myself within the realms of good sleep hygiene. Sheesh, that just sounds somehow unclean to say. Why is it called "sleep hygiene?" Why not "sleep habit" or something else less, um, dirty-sounding? The only time I go to bed before midnight or 1am is when I am sick. That's when they should worry. :-) Anyway, seeing the tags go live is exciting for us night owls, and you can follow Mario's BTS Tweets on Twitter for a peak at what is going on "Behind The Scenes" as Tim make's his tags. The best part is learning a ton of techniques new and old using Tim's products, Ranger products, as well as some unusual applications of items you may have just sitting around your craft room.

So, if you are not busy Wednesday, December 8th; Saturday, December 11th, and Monday December 13th, come over to the CK Paper Studio and make your own interpretation of Tim's tags. We're loaded with all kinds of Tim and Ranger goodies, and so much more. LIKE... my Vagabond! Yep, we'll be using the Vagabond to do all our cutting and embossing. We'll be using Tim's Tag Die to cut tags, not to mention using just about every other die and embossing folder handy (and believe me, they are ALL handy!). We'll be spraying, misting, sprinkling, stamping, inking, heating, distressing, cutting, trimming, painting, water-coloring, masking, swiping, edging, drying, laughing, chatting and eating on every one of those dates! Wednesday and Monday start times are 6p, Saturday is 10a. There is no cost for this event, just bring yourself and your trimming stash. The store will be open, so you can buy what you don't have and think you MUST have. Knowing most of you, we pretty much have it all!

On Saturday, December 18 (my hubby had to point out that I was calendar-challenged when I posted to FB about this, Saturday is the 18th, not the 17th as I FB'd), we'll be gathering one last time before Christmas to finish our tags (or make more) or chose from any one of several small projects you can do as great gifts for your friends. Gift Card holders, Alcohol Ink Splattered Ornaments, Candy boxes and the like are on the menu. Give us a call and let us know you are coming to any one of these events, and have a good time fellowshipping with friends and family! Check out the 12 Tags of Christmas and see what you can be inspired to do!

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