Tuesday, July 31, 2007


I couldn't think of a tool that would be everyone's favorite, although my personal favorite continues to be the Crop-a-dile. But, hold on to your seats, I just played with a new Cuttlebug and I may have just been bitten. It did indeed use all my old dies (Sizzix, Sizzlets); and the new dies they have are affordable, but what makes this tool ROCK is the embossing folders. Small ones and LARGE ones. CHEAP! Did I say cheap? Let me say it again, CHEAP! Five bucks-ola for a large pattern embossing folder and they make nice, deep impressions. Even my husband (I would say even a caveman...) said it was cool. Can I get an Amen ladies? When the hubby says it's cool, there is nothing stopping you from robbing your bank account blind and buying out the store! And the folders are cool, and even better, they are matched to some of the dies. Even the dies are reasonable, five dollars for a single die and $12 to $13 for set of four small dies. There are several alphabets for sale around $75, which is much more reasonable compared to past die-cut alphabet dies. I like the crank handle, better than the push handle of the old Sizzix and more durable than the Sidekick and takes the extra wide dies too, from just about any brand of dies. The width of the carriage area is 5 7/8' wide, and it has a nifty handle and sides that fold up which makes it pretty portable. Overall, I give this tool ten thumbs up (since I'm all thumbs most of the time, I'll let you figure that out...). You can come and see this 'bug at the New Covenant Academy Girlfriends In Paris Crop October 6! I'm doing lots of posting tonight, so hang tight, lots of news...

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