Tuesday, July 31, 2007


As I scrolled through my site, it became apparent that there were no pictures on this blog of my paper purses. I believe they are probably back on my personal blog so I'll post them here. I did spend today with my good friend Kerry Welch and we did some heavy shopping at the FM Store checking out it's FINE selection of beads and trim. Don't, and may I repeat, DON'T go in there thinking you're only going to buy a yard or two of beads/trim after you have made your first purse. That place can suck your bank account dry! I LoVe that store! Those ladies that work there are lots of fun, too, but don't listen to them. They can sell an Eskimo a snowball. Even if I weren't shopping for "sac a main" accessories, I could spend all day just looking at fabrics. I love to sew (I'm not saying I am doing any sewing), and looking at all those fabrics just gives me so many ideas! If I could only follow through on those ideas... I could go on about the days where I had to make my clothes because I was too skinny to buy them off the rack in high school, but I know someone would start throwing virtual tomatoes at me. You can read about that on my macsncats blog.

So, without further adieu, here are two of my paper purses:

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