Sunday, August 5, 2007


That my new favorite tool, the Cuttlebug, which you can purchase at Hobby Lobby, is eligible to be purchased with a coupon! If I'm wrong, I'm sure the manager will beat me within a pulpy inch of my life, but I think my source was a very knowledgeable source. Now girls, you KNOW what this means, don't you? Don't let me call you a fool for not getting one of these nifty gadgets this week! I just LOVE those coupons that Hobby Lobby puts out. They make it so EASY to liquidate my expendable income. Quickly. Too quickly. Sigh. No fights in the aisles, please. I will be demoing this nifty little gadget this month, so watch the blog for the date (we do know it is NOT the 25th of August--I'll be at the Children's Miracle Network Crop). My guess would be the 18th at the north side store. Hint, hint, wink, wink. :-D

Along the lines of the Cuttlebug, I tried a new type of paper with it, Princess Mirah's new BatiKit fabric sheets with a versatile adhesive backing for "peel-and-stick" ease-of-use. This stuff is cotton and is 100% Acid Free and perfect for scrapbooking and crafting. I saw that they had tested it with the Cricut, Ellison Big Shot, Pazzle Creative Cutter, and Accucut, but the Cuttlebug wasn't mentioned, so I thought I would do a little experimentation myself. I used a Cuttlebug die and cut a leaf. A perfect cut, all the way through the backing, it fell right out of the material. Then I went all out--I made a cut with the ripple square provided with the Cuttlebug (it sort of looks like a postage stamp) and then put it in one of the embossing folders that also came with the Cuttlebug (the Love one) and embossed the BatiKit fabric piece I had just cut. Wow! It took the embossing! Waaaaay coooool! I peeled off the backing and stuck it on a piece of card stock and it looks as good today as it did two days ago when I did it! I am amazed! You are going to LOVE this new kind of "paper" and all the ways you can use it! They have another finish that is velvety and the colors are beautiful. They come in 12 x 12 sheets and 6 x 6 sheets. Hopefully I will have them in stock for the October 6 crop. Two new cool things in less than a week! I think I'm going to faint. But that's not all...

Hobby Lobby just got in their own brand of silk and felt flowers and shapes, along with new brads in sports themes, volleyball, baseball, football, soccer, tennis, golf and basketball. They also have paisley's, some gorgeous new copper leaf brads, felt, crystal, pearl, felt flower, hollow stars, and hollow hearts brads and others too numerous to mention. They also now have their own chipboard shapes. All of these things are under their Spare Parts Embellishments, which you know are cheaper than their name brand counterparts. If you are reading this on August 5th, you will know they are half off this week! Go get'em girls! Stickers too (and lots of new ones there as well!). So you have no excuse to not go blow the budget at Hobby Lobby this week. I give you permission. Don't blame me though, if you have to sleep in the cat house (we don't have dogs here, but we do have a cat house where we put the naughty kittties for a time out).

I've added links to the right for the New Covenant Crop, Hobby Lobby, and Princess Mirah. Print that Hobby Lobby coupon as many times as you like. But try to follow the rules. One per day, per customer. And although you can use it on the Cuttlebug, you cannot use it on either of the Cricuts. Bummer.

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