Sunday, November 9, 2008


Here is a quick peak of the Advent Calendar Countdown to Christmas. This project kit includes everything but adhesive. You'll need to bring some quick drying liquid glue (I used Scotch's Quick Dry Adhesive, available at Hobby Lobby), a full tape runner with STRONG tape or something like Terrifically Tacky or Wonder Tape (red double-stick tape)—anything that is double stick, and a package of foam squares. I don't bring a lot of extra adhesive, so make sure you bring more than you think you need! The ribbon that goes on the boxes already has adhesive, we're primarily sticking paper to the canvas and the boxes. The boxes come with a separate plastic container that holds all of them for safe keeping between seasons, I'll post a picture of that later along with some additional pictures of the calendar. This project will take between three and four hours to complete. Tools you will need are a pencil, ruler, detail (small) scissors, a corner rounder, and a brayer (if you have one). Please bring a corner rounder if you have it! I only have three, the brayer is not a necessity, but it makes things go faster by flattening the papers being glued together. A folding bone would work as well. Lots of gluing...

If you want to do this project, please let me know by Wednesday if possible. There's a lot of paper cutting... and I have a limited number of box kits, so speak up early! Your background canvas can be gold, red or white, you'll need to tell me which one! Finished size is 16" x 20" and the canvas will hang on the wall or can be set in a frame holder.

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