Tuesday, December 30, 2008


This is going to be a short post, but at least it will make it up before the new year! The reason for the shorty? I've got a full arm cast on my left arm, from the tips of my fingers to about 4 or 5" below my shoulder! There are not enough words to describe how I feel about this, this THING! Arrrgghh! OMGoodness, I can barely type, it's a one-handed effort as the left hand is stuck in the permanent "handshake" position. Great for a door greeter, not-so-much for a crafter. Evidently, according to the MRI, I have moderate to acute tendonitist and a torn muscle in my elbow, or however you might describe that. The orthopedic surgeon thought that "immobilizing" my arm would help it heal, but I am here to tell you that I'm pretty sure the only thing this cast has done is make me feel like a feral animal. The urge to gnaw this thing off is overwhelming. Grrrr.

Have you ever thought about turning an accountant into a hair dresser? It can't be done, uh-huh. He is hair dryer impaired. Not happenin'. Sigh. Only six more days to go. SURELY I can distract myself with enough Hallmark TV and sleep to get through the next six days. I tried working on my projects, as most of my Christmas was supposed to be handmade, but I gave up after I painted the table--several times, glued my Kleenex box to my leg, and then inked more of my cast than I did the project I was working on. The handshake position is not condusive to holding anything other than someone else's hand. I give up.

I did get my lengthy tutorial done on my Birthday Book (Days to Celebrate) before being "casted", so go take a look. It's on Lori's blog at clearlyistamp.typepad.com.


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