Saturday, January 23, 2010


I'd say I was sitting here in sunny California, but it's definitely not sunny and I forgot to pack my oars so I could paddle on down to the convention center tomorrow. Oops. Hopefully it will be sunny and a little bit warmer tomorrow, or I think I might have to call this western, western Missouri. :-) Our condo does have a great view of Disneyland and we'll be able to see the fireworks from our unit. If we're looking out the window and not at our computer screens!

I did get my one clumsy move for 2010 out of the way today. Last year, my groove involved missing a step going downstairs at my house and doing a face plant at the bottom of the stairs, a week after getting my cast off my arm. At least I didn't have an audience for that performance (outside of the furry four-footed kind). This year, I waited until I arrived here in California and made my move in front of Bubba Gumps. Evidently I am not even coordinated enough to walk down the sidewalk without falling down. In the rain. Hard. Busted. Embarrassed. Sigh.

Well, it's getting late. I'm trying to keep up with photos and such on FaceBook and Twitter. Once the show (CHA) starts, I'll post pics here too. Theoretically. If I don't bust my camera by falling on it.

Keep the faith (and medical insurance if you're coming near me)!

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  1. Hope your bruises are gone by now and that you haven't caught a cold.

    Miss you Vicki!

    a.k.a Mo-Mo