Friday, March 20, 2009


You all know I am a certified Macavist, I live, sleep, drink, dream, collect and bleed Macs. Back in the day we used to say I bleed six colors (in reference to the six color Apple logo at that time). I have owned almost one of every generation of Macs sold. The only notable Macs that I've not purchased for myself are the iMacs, mostly because I have always required a production Mac. By that I mean an upgradable or expandable machine. I've owned Apple's printers (all 3 versions, can you name them?), their camera, scanner, the Newton, monitors, modems, the first true laptop, Shuffle, iPod 5th Gen and now my most favorite, my iPhone! With my MacBook Pro 17" breathing down it's neck. I AbSoLuteLy ADORE my 3G iPhone. If I can't get to my laptop to get my email, it's OK, because I get it on my 3G. That alone is worth the price of admission! Coordinating my calender, contacts, music, and photos is just too slick!! Surfing and posting to my blog with it, priceless. My favorite app that I've downloaded? Lightsaber, complete with background music! Yes, I am easily entertained.

To be honest, I have to say this is one of my most productive tools. At CHA this little puppy helped me find places to eat, keep up with emails without lugging my laptop around, gave me directions to the nearest grocery store, took pictures of cool layouts and displays, helped me find my group when we got separated from each other, and I could go on endlessly about it. This is why a Mac will always trump a PC, ease of use, totally useful in every way, productive, and FUN!! it is never a chore to work on any of my Apple products. Yes, dare I say it, I am an Apple snob! Chuck your viral PC in the trash and buy a Mac. Macs can even run Windows, if you just can't give up your addiction to the BOD and hate to give up your one-on-one personal time with your antivirus routine. I do have a PC laptop but I have no reason to run it. I have my Cricut DesignStudio software running on my PC partition on my Mac. :-)

Go get a Mac and an iPhone and use all that extra free time you'll gain doing some serious Scrapbooking!

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